For over 30 years, Tom has worked for ALCOA Aluminum emphasizing Organizational and Employee Development. He has served as a Senior Internal Consultant in the US, Australia, Wales and Jamaica.

He has also provided service for several Fortune 500 companies including Shell Oil, Kaiser Aluminum, Exxon, Boise Cascade, Boeing and others in human resource and Leadership Development and organization systems design.

Tom has also served on the faculty of Gonzaga, Bastyr and Antioch Universities and established a Corporate Master’s Program in Organizational Leadership within ALCOA. 

Tom has a bachelor’s degree in organizational communication from Brigham Young University, and a Master’s in Organization Development from Whitworth College. He has published papers in several Organization Development and Leadership Journals and has been a guest speaker at the National Academy of Management Science, Center for Creative Leadership, and the Quality of Work Life Conference.

Understanding organizational health

Over the years I have worked with several colleagues assisting organizations in managing change and improving organizational health through systemic processes and structural interventions. I’ve provided focus and alignment in three areas, the organization, the group, and the individual. 

Listed below are a few ways I’ve been able to implement these changes to improve organizational morale, performance, group structure, and individual development.

Organizational Alignment

Organizational alignment is about aligning the organization around its mission and goals. This is done through clarification of sponsorship, decision-making, understanding roles & responsibilities and organizational flow paths.

  • Organization Change/Design

Employs the use of Socio-Technical systems analysis, Change Management, Reengineering and Lean Manufacturing (APS/TPS) technologies in developing high-performance organizations.

  • Matrix Management

The clarification of authority and accountability issues in matrix organizations and project teams.

Group Alignment

  • Organization Assessment

Action research aimed at improving the health of work groups and team performance by clearing up authority and accountability issues.

  • Transitional Change

A process to assist groups through leadership and organizational transitions.  The US Navy reported a 6-month gain in productivity using this process.

  • Self-Directed Work Teams

Structural process of intervention to clear up the myth of autonomous workgroups by establishing clear lines of authority and accountability.

  • Inter-group Conflict Resolution

Facilitated conflict resolution between work teams or departments.

Individual Alignment

  • Interpersonal Skill Development

Development of communication, conflict resolution, coaching/counseling, decision-making, problem solving, etc. skills.

  • Self-differentiation

Training in self-awareness and self-differentiation to reduce fused states during critical moments of high intensity.

  • Conflict Resolution

Understanding and resolving conflict. Interpersonal conflict resolution and 3rdparty conflict resolution training.

  • Leadership Development

Increasing the leadership capability of all members of the organization.